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Greetings Folks!  My name is Shawn Trout, I'm a veteran and small business owner.  I started Shawn's Guide at the beginning of 2020 when COVID 19 started.  At the time I was a small business owner, I owned a brewery.  When Covid 19 happened I witnessed everything I worked for over the last decade disappear.  I was devistated, and I had to try and figure out what I was going to do.  Due to the mandatory closing of breweries and bars, I had some time to think about it, but not a whole ton of time, I had a wife and daughter to think about.  What I figured out is that I love small business, and over the years i've learned a TON about my business, and business in general.  I decided that I wanted to help other small businesses and people with digital marketing.  There is limitless possibilities and growth opportunities with digitial marketing, and it allows myself and others the freedom of flexibility, and the life that I want to live, without the risk of massive overhead that I have grown acustomed to for so many years.  

I've broked my site down into a few different categories, however the bulk of it is either related to personal or business.  Please take a look below, enjoy and be sure to join our Facebook page as well as Facebook Group.

Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources

I am a small business owner that has owned a brewery for almost a decade. Throughout my time running the business I have come across a lot of resources that have helped me, and even more now that I am in digital marketing. Small business owners can get so involved in the day to day functions that a lot of times, they don't have time to focus on expanding the operation. That point in particular is very near and dear to me, as I was the brewer, I covered the taproom, distribution, and all other admin functions. It wasn't until i stepped back when i finally started to see how things could be run better and more efficient.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

I started down the journey of affiliate marketing a while ago. I Loved the thought of breaking the bonds of conventional work and being able to generate passive income and a full-time income working from home on your schedule. The earning potential is unlimited with affiliate marketing. If you work hard and power through, you can create something amazing. As I've worked on this for a while, I wanted to create a great resource guide to help people, to help them understand what I've done, and where I have gotten to where I am.

Life Lessons

This section is to highlight some fantastic programs that I have signed up with. This section will highlight cost-cutting experiences, refinancing experiences, just everyday opportunities that I have taken advantage of that might be great for other people to try. For example, I just switched my cell service to Xfinity Wireless. Xfinity uses Verizon's cell towers, but now I have an unlimited data plan, and I'm saving over $30.00 a month! How about that! There are a ton of other experiences I'd like to share with you too.

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Earn Money By Typing
Earn Money Online
Shawn T

Earn Money By Typing

There are two jobs that I would love to take some time and highlight.  These jobs are amazing, fun, and will let you earn money

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