How Can I make Money Blogging?

How to make money on a blog – Earn While You Write

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Many people write or blog for a lot of different reasons, either to share their story or an education piece to help people out. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. The bottom line is you are spending your time and effort, and if you can make some money doing it, why not? There are many different ways you can make money on a blog, so I’ll highlight those ways.

Can You Make Money On Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is probably the easiest and most generic way to earn money on a blog. All you have to do is sign up for a google account, then go to to register your website. When you register, you are giving Google permission to put ads on your pages or blogs. When Google puts ads on your page, and people click on those ads, Google will pay you. Depending on how much traffic you get, you probably aren’t going to make a lot of money on your blog, but it will generate some money.

Some quick math I like to do, prices range slightly, But Let’s say you will make around $.50 / click (on an ad); I typically factor in about a 2% click rate. So if you have 1,000 people read your blog a month on your site, about 50 people will click, and at $.50 / click, you’ll earn about $25 – $50 / month.

Do you want to make more money on your blog? Try Affiliate Links. Also please see my other article here. which highlights how to make money online.

Depending on what you are blogging about, I’m sure there is a product out there to tie into your blog. I.e., Let’s say you love to make smoothies and all your blogs are about smoothies. Do you have a Vitamix? Is that what you use? If it is, then on your blog, you can talk about all the smoothies in the world that you make, all your recipes, etc., and at the end of each blog, let people know you use a Vitamix, you think it’s the best, and that they should get one too.

Please place a link on your blog, directing people where they should pick one up. Like I did right here below this paragraph. If they click on that link and buy the Vitamix, you would get maybe 4% of the sale price. A Vitamix costing $350.00 would net you about a $14 commission sale.

Another example would be the following. You are a fan of hiking, and every week you hike a mountain somewhere. On your adventures, you’re taking pitchers and sharing your stories through your blog. Think to yourself; what can you promote?

If you are an avid hiker, what is your favorite pair of hiking boots? or your favorite backpack? in each case simply talk about the various gear you use when you are hiking, and link to the product so people can pick up that gear too if they want to get into hiking.

How Much Money Can You Make With Casual Blogging?

Above were a few examples of how you can earn money while you are blogging. The biggest factor of making money online or making money on a blog is traffic. How much traffic are you getting to your blog? The more people visit your blog or your website, the more opportunity there is to make money with your blog. Also, the more content or writing you have on your blog webpage, the more people can potentially find you.

How much money can you make blogging?

Let’s say you blog for fun or a side hustle; how much can you make? If you are blogging on a casual level, you should hope to get roughly 5,000 people visiting your site a month. If you can get 5,000 people visiting per month, you could make roughly $250.00 a month via Google Adsense, and another $250.00 via affiliate links.

You might think $500.00 is not a lot of money; however, this is what I estimate for casual blogging or hobby blogging. If you are thinking about blogging or making money online, please look and read my article on affiliate marketing. This article will be a great guide in helping you to create the revenue or the money that you are potentially looking for.

Need To Make Money Online?

Do you need to make money online? Try what I have done and what millions of other people are doing right now. Affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity to make money working from home. Check out the wealthy Affiliate; see more information below.

Make Money By Blogging For Other People

Affiliate marketing is a huge market right now. There are millions of affiliate marketers; now, of course, not all of them are swimming in money. However, the dedicated ones are making millions. If you like to write about various topics and are looking to make some extra money online, I would suggest writing other people’s blogs.

As an affiliate marketer, content is probably the most important aspect of the business. The more people write, the more potential income you can generate, but it has to be good content. The going rate for a great 1500 word article can be up to $150 to $200 per article.

If you can write three articles a week for other people, you could be making upwards of $500.00 a week, or an extra $26,000 a year. That is a great side gig. If you are looking where you can get involved in that, check out Upwork or Fiverr. Both sites will allow you to generate profiles to advertise yourself and get hired on for article writing.

However, if you will be writing for a living, I suggest investing in the best grammar checker on the market.


This article was meant to show you the various ways to make money by blogging. The amount of money you can make completely depends on yourself. If you are aggressive with blogging and affiliate marketing, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are more of a hobby blogger, set up your site so you can at least get $500.00 a month out of it. Of you could always try writing or blogging for other people to earn money that way.

I appreciate you reading the article. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!



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