Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 – Is It The Best Side Hustle?

I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate at the beginning of 2020, right after COVID 19 happened.  I was incredibly nervous about what I was going to do for work and money.  I started to look at some options and ideas for earning money at home.  I came across wealthy affiliates; like many people, I want to see some reviews before I buy into something.  Here is my wealthy affiliate review.

My First Impression Of Wealthy Affiliate

What I really liked about wealthy affiliate was the fact that you can sign up for free, and also that you can start taking some training to see if this program is right for you.  You might think that offering a free account or trial period is pretty standard.  It is not standard in the affiliate marketing world.  Wealthy Affiliate offers a free section to their program because they honestly believe you will love it and upgrade your membership.

The training is very straight forward and easy to follow and easy to navigate.  I loved the training because it really was a complete course on how to become an affiliate marketer.  The training is probably over 60 hours of classes, so it took me several weeks to get through it all.  Once you finish the training, then you have “Classes.” 

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Classes are put on every week by experts in various fields.  These classes you can take any time are on-demand, and they help promote continuous process improvement, which I am a big advocate of.  Overall the training and classes are second to none; if you dedicate the time, you will learn how to become an affiliate marketer.

The homepage can be very busy, and there was a lot of information.  Just as in any program, the more you use it, the more comfortable you get with the program.  The homepage is broken down into several different sections; people can ask questions, blog about their progress, successes, and struggles. 

I’ve said this a few times, but being an affiliate marketer can be lonely.  In a sense, you are doing it at home, nobody around, and something you don’t know if what you are doing is right.  Wealthy Affiliate connects everyone; if you need help, someone will be there.  I really like the connectedness of the program.  Below is a pitcher or one section of the home page.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Wealthy affiliate has 3 different pricing structures.  The structures are free, a premium member at $49.00 / month, and premium plus at $99.00 / month.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Prices

At first, you may think that $49.99 a month is steep. However, this is very much inline and even beating most hosting sites on the market today.  In the most simplistic sense, what you are paying for is a hosting service.  If you ever want to have a website, you will need to pay for the name (domain) and pay for someone to host it (put it on the internet).  Below is a list of other hosting sites you can compare the pricing yourself.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Show You How To Make Money Online?

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I had already created lots of websites before.  I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about SEO, traffic, monetization of websites.  After going through the first set of training by the company Kyle’s co-owner, I realized that I did not know much of anything.  Wealthy Affiliate has established a very in-depth training program that will teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.  

The training provided is an amazing step by step on what is affiliate marketing (if you want to know more about affiliate marketing, check out my article here on what is affiliate marketing).  At the end of the training, you’ll be able to build a website, understand what a niche is, and start on your journey toward financial freedom.

The training does not stop there, however.  Wealthy Affiliate stays on top of current practices by having classes.  Wealthy Affiliate offers both training and classes.  The training will give you an overall pitcher on affiliate marketing, how to do it, how to build a website etc.  The classes will give you training on much more in-depth topics such as “SEO Advanced techniques” and many more.  There are over 52 expert training classes per year for premium members per year, or one class a week.  Premium Plus members have access to over 200 expert training classes per year.

The bottom line is that the training never stops at wealthy affiliate.  This aspect alone demonstrates that wealthy affiliate is in the business of actually showing you how to make money.  Wealthy Affiliate wants you to succeed, because let’s face it, the more you succeed with affiliate marketing, the more you will push Wealthy Affiliate as a successful program.  

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

I see a lot of people search for this term, and it surprises me.  I guess we have to ask, what is a scam?  A scam is when someone is trying to get or steal money or information from you online.  A scam might be promising a good or service for money but not receiving anything.  Or a scam might be any nefarious act, and that is where I get really confused because Wealthy Affiliate isn’t any of that.

People might be nervous about a scam only because the topic is affiliate marketing and the ability to make money online.  Whenever anyone hears about making money online, they automatically think it’s a scam.  

What I like to do, though, is really define what Wealthy Affiliate is.  Wealthy Affiliate is a web hosting site, in the most simplistic sense.  If you want to create a website and place that website on the internet, Wealthy Affiliate will do that with their hosting service.  If that is all you are looking for, you can always go to places like Weebly.  They have a great web building tool and free hosting (with a subdomain).

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting site might look expensive at $49.99 / month for the premium membership. However, you are receiving hosting services for up to 10 websites, which is not only in line with hosting costs; it might actually be cheaper than many of them.  You might ask, why do I need to host 10 websites? 

In affiliate marketing, or really is any business, the more websites you have, the more potential money you can make.  Currently, as I’m writing this, I have roughly 5 websites that I’m working on.  Each website is its own business and generates its own revenue.  I create another website every 6 months or so.  

So the answer is NO; wealthy Affiliate is not a scam because you are receiving a service that is hosting for your money.  Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam because they do not do anything nefarious; they have over 1.2 million users.  The only thing Wealthy Affiliate wants is to provide the best training and hosting to people.  The better both of those items are, the more people will join Wealthy Affiliate.

Summary of Wealthy Affiliate

Overall I have been incredibly happy with Wealthy Affiliate.  I started using it during a time of great uncertainty (COVID 19).  I have been using the program for the past 6 months, and my knowledge has increased more and more every week.  There will be times when you get frustrated, or you cannot think of anything to write about or lose direction.  It happens to everyone, but stick to the program and the training, and you will make money online; you will earn a passive income.  

If you like what you have read, click on the link below to take you to Wealthy Affiliate.  Like all links on blog pages, if you click on the link, I can get credit for any potential sale that occurs, and it won’t cost you anything extra, but it will help my family and me out.  

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 – Is It The Best Side Hustle?”

  1. Weathy affiliate review is the best side hustling, you can make money online from wealthy affiliate marketing, with it you can easily make money from the comfort of your house with any stress or going to the office, wealthy affiliate can make you feel special and successful in an online business 

    1. Nelson, Thanks for the note.  Wealthy Affiliate can definitely help you make money online, and help you on your journey toward financial freedom!


  2. Hey,

    I am so pleased that I came across this article. I have been looking for a good side hustle for a while, and after reading your excellent review, I think I might have found it. The training seems great and the number of people who have taken on wealthy affiliate as their side hustle is huge. This helps me realise even more that this is one of the best as you have stated.

    I will let you know how I go when I invest in this programme, and if I have any issues or questions then I will get in touch. If that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Tom,

      Thanks for the note! I’m glad you enjoyed the Wealthy Affiliate review, and if you decide to join up with Wealthy Affiliate I will be there to help you along the way if you need any help. Best of luck to you!


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